Supporting the Home Office: Remote & Hybrid Employees

Supporting the Home Office: Remote & Hybrid Employees

(Submitted by Natasha McDowell)

Customer needs are changing. More employees are now working either hybrid or fully remote and these new workflows bring with them an increased need for support and security. RITE Technology provides office technology solutions to address how work now works, customized to each customers’ unique workgroup needs.

Instead of leaving it to a customer’s employees to research, purchase, install, and maintain their own products, which can result in reduced workflow efficiency, RITE Technology offers customers solutions for product considerations, purchase, deployment, and after-purchase management of the work-from-home print environment.

Regarding products, RITE Technology offers the SHARP family of multifunction print (MFP) products including the newest additions, the Advanced and Essentials Series color workgroup document systems. In addition to the easy-to-use, award-winning design inherent in all SHARP products, these newest MFPs have built-in the latest technology ideally suited to address the security and workflow concerns arising from hybrid and remote work environments.

In terms of security, features such as BIOS integrity check at startup, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) encryption, and the Bitdefender anti-virus option now available all help to ensure customer data remains safe in work-from-home print environments. Additionally, remote firmware updates mean the machine’s firmware is always up to date.

Where workflows are concerned, expanded Cloud Connect features, including the NEW Microsoft Teams Connector, are supported on the Advanced and Essentials Series MFPs allowing employees to easily connect and access Microsoft Teams folders directly from the MFP or print and scan files directly to Teams channels and folders! Employees can seamlessly collaborate with colleagues, even when they are working remotely.

Lastly, RITE Technology further supports the customer in managing hybrid or remote employees by offering managed print service (MPS) options. These options include enhanced technical support functions such as Predictive Toner Replenishment and Regulated Servicing to service and/or replace printer components on a scheduled basis BEFORE there is a problem, reducing down-time and increasing productivity! Additional MPS options are available which allow customers to track and report costs associated with employee printing.

There are many more solutions that RITE Technology offers!

Want to learn more about how RITE Technology can assist your business in supporting your hybrid and remote employees? Fill out the form on our Contact Us page to send us a message.

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