What are the top 5 copier features to save you time and money in your business?

What are the top 5 copier features to save you time and money in your business?

(Submitted by Wayne Parrish)

This week’s blog is going to focus on the top (5) copier features that will help you to save time and money in your business.

Those features are:

  1. Customizable User Interface
  2. Staple-less Stapling & Offline Stapling
  3. Enhanced Edit Preview
  4. Walk-up Proxy Sensor
  5. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


  1. Customizable User Interface

With this feature, you can create a custom look as well as customized workflow buttons directly on the touchscreen interface on the copier!

Sharp multifunction devices have touchscreen user interfaces that are not only simple and intuitive to use, but also offers the ability for customers to create a custom background design with their logo or any other graphic that they choose. Additionally, the display has the flexibility to enable businesses to set up a custom menu which is configured specifically to the user’s document workflow. By including on this custom menu the buttons that correspond to the customer’s most commonly used functions, the user enjoys an expedited experience, saving time and thereby allowing the user to be more efficient in their workflow.

Finally, if there are certain functions that are repeatedly used in the customer’s document workflow, such as a complex scanning process or a specific copy/print function, then a custom button can be created for that purpose and named whatever the customer desires, such as “Nancy’s Receipt Scanning Process,” for example. The options are almost unlimited for this feature!


  1. Stapleless Stapling and Offline Stapling

Some multifunction devices include a finishing feature that is capable of a stapling method which uses pressure, instead of a metal staple, to bind pages together, up to 10 sheets at a time! The benefits include:

  • No need to remove staples for shredding
  • Cost-savings (since the customer doesn’t have to purchase staples)
  • Ecological benefits (no metal to worry about recycling)
  • Increased safety (For educational or other settings, there are no metal staples to cause injury or get snagged on.)

Other finishers for the multifunction device are also available which offer walk-up offline stapling. This allows a user to walk up to a machine, documents in hand, and staple on the fly without having to set a copy job that has the staple function included.


  1. Enhanced Edit Preview

With Sharp’s real-time scan preview and edit functions, you can save time and help reduce waste by correctly executing your copy or scan job the first time. Quickly rotate or delete pages, insert blank sheets, remove artifacts, change the color mode, even check the staple position before executing your job. 

The best part of this feature is that you can use it to quickly and easily redact a document that is being scanned or copied, and then send a copy of that redacted document to your email. No more whiting out or putting a blank page on top of the document to redact!


  1. Walk-up Proxy Sensor

Create an enhanced workflow experience with an integrated walk-up sensor that wakes up the multifunction device when it senses a user approaching. With a fast warm up time—less than 18 seconds—this feature saves not only time but also energy as the machine is in a low-power mode when not in use.


  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With this feature, users can either convert a scanned document into an editable document in popular Microsoft Office formats or create a variety of PDF formats from the scan.

Once a document is scanned, the copier can convert the scan into an editable document in either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel formats.

In terms of PDF formats, scans can be used to create Searchable PDFs, Encrypted PDFs, Compact PDFs, and others.

A user can also directly print these same file types from a thumb drive, cloud applications, and mobile devices. (This function is enabled via DirectOfficeTM technology. With this much flexibility, you can speed through your workflow tasks faster than ever!


Want to learn even more about Sharp MFD features? We would be happy to assist you! Contact us to schedule a personalized demo with a member of our sales team.

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