How do I submit my meter reading online?

How do I submit my meter reading online?

How do I submit my meter reading online
(Submitted by Christian Perez)

Some service providers, like RITE Technology, give their customers the option to submit meter readings online. A wonderful option to save time and increase convenience for the customer, however, if you’ve never submitted a meter reading online, then the thought of doing so may seem daunting. In fact, submitting an online meter reading is a task that can be accomplished in a few easy steps.

  1.    The first step is to locate your meter reading on your printer or copier.
  2. For Sharp devices, on most newer models there is a “total count” button located towards the bottom of the home screen. (See Figure 1.0) Once you tap the “total count” button, a screen will be displayed that will show the total count of the device. (See Figure 2.0) (*Pro Tip: Double tapping the home button will display this screen as well.)
  3. Meter Reading Total Counts button on printer home screen
  4. (Figure 1.0)
  5. Total Counts Meter Reading screen on your printer
  6. (Figure 2.0)
  7. For Ricoh devices, most models will have a “user tools” button located on the home screen. Pressing the user tools button will bring up a screen where you will then press the “counter” option to display a dialog box that will show the total count of the device.
  8. If your device is a color model, then on the total count screen you’ll see the total count separated out into “Full Color” for any color prints and “B/W” for black and white prints. You’ll need to denote both of these numbers for entry online.
  9. If your device is a black and white model, then on the total count screen you will only see one total count for “B/W”. This will be the only number that you will need to enter for your online meter reading submission.
  10. If you have a device that is not described above or if you have any issues finding where to find your meter reading on the device, then please feel free to reach out to your IT department or to the Help Desk of your service provider.
  1.    Locate your device’s ID number.
  2. On devices serviced by RITE Technology, the machine ID is conveniently located on a sticker affixed to the front of the device. If your device’s ID number is not prominently displayed, then you may need to contact your service provider to determine the location of this number.
  1.    Enter the information online.
  2. Once you’ve retrieved the meter reading total(s) and you’ve located your device’s ID number, then you are ready to submit your meter reading online.
  3. For RITE Technology customers, we have provided two options to submit the meter reading digitally. The first option is to submit your meter reading on our website. Begin by navigating to in your browser window. Once on the home page of our website, hover your mouse over the subheading “Support” at the top right of the webpage and click the option “Enter Meter Readings” from the drop-down menu that appears. Once on the “Enter Meter Readings” page, complete the form with all the required information and click the “Submit Meter Reading” button at the bottom of the form to complete your submission.
  4. The second option is for you to submit your meter reading via email to

Hopefully this information was helpful in assisting you in completing your online meter reading submission. If you have any questions about this or any other process related to the functioning of your copier or printer, please contact our service department via email at or give us a call at 941-955-2737.

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