What is AV and how can it help my business?

What is AV and how can it help my business?

(Submitted by Lamar Brantley)

At RITE Technology we are embracing digital transformation by offering a wide range of Professional A/V (Audio Visual) solutions so that we can best serve the evolving needs of our clients.

Although we have many years of experience selling interactive displays, like many other Sharp dealers, AQUOS BOARD® display systems are only a small component in an effective A/V strategy.  Remote meetings have become widely accepted as a method of communication across most industries. As such, the needs of many customers have grown far beyond simple displays or interactive whiteboards. Here at RITE Technology, we have chosen to invest into this area of digital technology by constructing a client experience center as well as sourcing the technical expertise to drive the success of this division. We have discovered ways to help our customers use A/V technology to not only increase productivity in their workplace, but also to enhance their company culture.  A display that has a primary purpose of hosting virtual meetings can serve a multitude of additional functions. For example, the use of digital signage solutions will allow our clients to announce birthdays, work anniversaries, or even play new employee welcome videos.

In the video you will see that we have a variety of types and sizes of displays in our Client Experience Center. We have a large format DVLED that we can drive content to from multiple platforms or sources. This capability includes screen-sharing hardware, cameras, digital signage, as well as content from a PC. We have two AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays setup so that they can be used either as (1) one contiguous screen using a SHUTTLE PC or they can be used as (2) two separate displays showing individual content being sent either through our control system in-house. We also have a HUDDLE station that is setup with both screen-casting gear as well as an all-in-one camera/mic/speaker bar for doing quick and easy remote meetings. You’ll also notice in the video that we have a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera on our wall that can be used for virtual meetings on any of the displays. Speaking of company culture, our Client Experience Center includes the RITE Technology golf simulator. Believe me when I say it is one of the highlights of the room for all of us duffers around here.

Our experience center has paved the way for us to earn several opportunities from both current our customers and prospects. One of the opportunities is an A/V solution that we created for a large athletic facility that will include multiple displays and a sound system, all of which will be supported by a control system that will provide the customer the ability to send any video source in their system to any display throughout the facility.  This opportunity for the first location has now expanded to include 15 additional locations all around the state of Florida. 

An additional aspect of our own RITE Technology facility design was to include two separate conference areas that each incorporate different A/V solutions. These configurations allow us to host virtual meetings between these areas so that when our clients visit us in-house, they can compare the various levels of product experience between the two rooms. By allowing our clients to experience the various levels of hardware and software before they make a buying decision, we can have more intelligent and fact-based dialogue on which of our solutions will be the best for each customer’s individual needs. These customer experiences also enable us to overcome some of the pricing objections that would otherwise have been subjective.  Lastly, the experience center aids us in setting clear expectations for the video and sound quality that the customer will experience post-install.

One aspect of our business that A/V has changed is the presence of “emotion” for the buyer. We often engage the client in conversation that causes them to view their business differently.  Our goal is to expand the customer’s point of view about what can be done digitally to enhance their businesses.  From this initial strategy meeting in our experience center, we then design and engineer a solution that accommodates the customer’s current and future plans as businesses continue to evolve in this post-pandemic era.

Bottom line for RITE is that this endeavor has opened a multitude of opportunities to earn new business in AV and our other core business offerings!

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