What does it cost to add accessories to my printer?

What does it cost to add accessories to my printer?

(Submitted by Brent Perry)

The costs of adding accessories to your multifunction device will be based on the length of your leasing contract, which typically ranges from 36-60 months. Overall monthly costs will be greater with a shorter lease term.


Are you a non-profit organization such as a church or school? Are you a medical organization such as a doctor’s office, veterinarian’s office, or hospital? If so, then you may qualify for our discounted non-profit or medical pricing which would affect your overall costs as follows:

  • Non-Profit Contract Pricing: Subtract 15%-20%
  • Discounted Medical Pricing: Subtract 35%-45%


Are you considering adding additional paper sources to your multifunction device? If so, pricing could be as follows:

  • 1 Additional Tray: $16-$25
  • 2 Additional Trays: $20-$31
  • 3 Additional Trays: $32-$50
  • Large Capacity Tray: $32-$50


There are a variety of finishers that you can add to your multifunction device, including inner finishers, hole punch finishers, and even saddle stitch finishers for creating magazines and booklets! Listed below is pricing for a few of these finishing options:

  • Inner Finisher: $35-$54
  • 1K External Finisher: $46-$72
  • 1K External Saddle Stitch: $57-$88
  • 3K External Saddle Stitch: $109-$170
  • Hole Punch: $14-$22
  • Folding Capabilities: $48-75
  • Paper Pass Unit (required for external finishers): $8-$13

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