Document Management

Will save you time and money!

Document Management is the coordination of paper flow within an office that enhances employee productivity, document storage and document recovery should a catastrophic disaster, such as a fire, hurricane or earthquake occur.

Benefits of Document Management

By using a Document Imaging System, we can streamline the flow of documents, reduce the amount of hard-copy (paper), and create a bulletproof security system for your confidential documents. Document Management Systems from Rite Technology Business Systems have many benefits:

Increased Competitive Advantage

Spending less to print than your competitors means more of your revenue makes it to the bottom line.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Never lose another important document again. You never know when an important document will be needed at a moments notice.

Reduce Liability and Risk

Proper documentation can be vital to managing legal liabilities. Reduce risk of litigation with document management.

Document Management Has Many More Features

  • Reduce Paper Handling

    Less shuffle, more hustle. Document management helps you work faster.

  • Reduce Storage Clutter

    Get rid of the boxes and file cabinets. We can help you digitize your documents and manage them electronically

  • Reduce Postage Expenses

    Digital transmissions are considerably less expensive than postage. Are you sharing documents on the cloud?

  • Maximize Employee Productivity

    It is easier for for your employees to stay organized which means they can work faster.

  • Recover Any Lost Files

    Never lose a file again. With Rite Technology Document Management you can recover any file from anywhere.

  • Prevent Catastrophic Loss

    Fire, flood or earthquake. Insurance might buy you a new office but nothing can buy you new data. Are you prepared.

  • Reduce Wasted Time

    More efficient document workflows means your entire operation can move that much faster. How much down time do your documents cost?

  • Automatic Data Back-ups

    Automatically back up all of your data. Rest assured that your documents are safe with us.

  • Protect Against Fraud

    Your data is for your eyes only, we get that, so we protect your documents with state of the art fraud prevention and data encryption.

  • Searchable Document Database

    Instantly catalog and sort all of your documents. That means you can search all of your company documents from any computer on your secure network.