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In this training video, Gareth Stevenson, Sales Manager for RITE Technology, gives an overview of functionality for the new Advanced Series of multifunction printer from Sharp, applicable for the following models:

  • Color: BP-70C26, 70C31, 70C36, 70C45, 70C55, 70C65
  • Monochrome: BP-70M31, 70M36, 70M45, 70M55, 70CM65

Let’s begin by gaining an understanding of the naming convention for the series.

  • BP: The model prefix stands for “Business Partner”
  • 7: This number represents the model series with “7” being for “Advanced” series and “5” for the “Essentials” series.
  • O: The zero in the model number is the version number which identifies the successor lineage (ex. 70, 71, …).  
  • C: The designation for color. 
  • M: The designation for monochrome (or black-and-white). 
  • 45: The final number in the model number identifies the copy/print speed of the device (ex. 31 = 31 pages per minute). 

Document Feeder
Next, starting from the top of the device, the Advanced Series MFPs include a 300-sheet duplexing single pass feeder (DSPF) that scans documents at up to 280 images per minute, meaning you can scan/copy both sides of the document with a single pass instead of having to refeed to scan/copy the other side of your documents. This feature, along with the scan speed, allows you to complete your jobs faster and with less chance of error.

Sharp has also designed the document feeder with two very important features geared toward preventing skewing of the documents when performing copying or scanning jobs. The first feature is rollers that pull the pages through the feeder from the center of the page. The second feature is anti-skew sensors built into the document feeder. For users performing high-volume scanning or copying jobs, these features become immensely beneficial in increasing productivity by reducing the need to rescan/recopy skewed pages.

The document feeder has an indicator light that lights up when the page(s) are fully engaged in the feeder. If there is a concern about double-feeds, Sharp offers an optional double-feed detection kit which is available for the Advanced Series and ensures that documents get scanned correctly.

Lastly, the feeder tray has built-in smart sensors which will automatically detect the page size that you are copying or scanning so the device will pull from the correct paper trays that correlate with the size of the original that you are copying or scan the document at the same size as the original instead of cutting off the document.

The Platen
Moving on to the glass, also known as the “platen,” this is where you would place documents, ID cards, receipts or other materials for your copy or scan jobs that cannot or would not be advisable to run through the document feeder. Depending on the function that you are performing, the lid will either need to be left open or closed for the function to be performed successfully.

Book Scanning or Copy Jobs
If you are making copies from a bound book, the Sharp MFPs contain an extra feature that will allow you to make copies without damaging the spine of the book. To activate this feature, open the lid of the device. With the lid open, you will notice a lever located above the platen closest to the hinge of the lid. Place your book on the platen and then, using your forearm to depress this lever while simultaneously pulling down with your other hand to close the lid, resulting in the closed lid remaining open an additional 2- 3 inches to allow your book to comfortably fit inside instead of how the lid normally rests directly on the platen.

Soft-Close Lids and Drawers
As you work with the device, you may notice that all the lids and drawers employ soft-close technology, which reduces office noise as well as wear-and-tear on the parts of the device.

10-in Touchscreen Control Panel w/ Built-in Keyboard
The easy-to-use touchscreen has “capacitive touch LCD” meaning it is more sensitive to touch than other touchscreens providing a more responsive and accurate touch user experience. The “capacitive LCD” also delivers good visibility even in sunlight, which helps prevent eyestrain over time for the user. The full flat panel design is easy to wipe clean and enhances the sleek design style of a modern office.

The touchscreen can be customized with a personalized background design that includes your company’s logo or any other design that you desire to enhance company culture or branding. Furthermore, custom buttons programmed with frequently used job functions specific to your organization’s needs and workflows can be added to the touchscreen display to speed job completion and increase user satisfaction.

The control panel’s built-in keyboard comes in handy when performing high-volume or frequent scanning as it gives you the ability to quickly and easily add email subject lines when emailing scans to yourself or others, as well as allowing you to name your scanned documents with either client or project names directly from the MFP before emailing them to yourself or others or uploading the scanned document to a folder in the cloud, eliminating the need for you to waste time going back and renaming scanned files at a later time. This also enhances the professionalism of your sent emails and reduces confusion when files are named appropriately.

Internal Finisher for Stapling and Stapleless Stapling (Optional Add-on)
If you forget to add stapling to your jobs when you are inside your print dialog box, then an optional internal finisher can be added to your Sharp MFP to allow you to perform walk-up stapling using a traditional metal staple on the fly.

This optional add-on internal finisher also has the ability to perform stapleless stapling which uses pressure to create a “crimp” in the corner of the pages capable of binding up to 10 sheets without the use of a metal staple. This is great because you don’t have to worry about removing metal staples before shredding!

Walk-up Proxy Sensor
This energy-saving feature allows your MFP to remain in a low-power mode until a user’s approach activates the device. If the MFP is located in a hallway or other high-traffic area, you can prevent the machine from coming on when not needed by adjusting the activation distance. A toggle switch located inside the front cover of the MFP can adjust the activation distance from 1 foot up to 3 feet. (The toggle switch is located in the same compartment where your toner cartridges and waste toner collector are located.) This eco-setting can also be disabled, if you so desire.

With a fast warm up time—less than 18 seconds—the walk-up proxy sensor feature saves not only energy but also time, creating an enhanced workflow experience for the user.

Toner Cartridges and Waste Toner Collector
Your toner cartridges and waste toner collector are located in a compartment accessed by opening the large fold-down panel door on the front of your multifunction device. In this compartment you will find your black, cyan, magenta, and yellow toner cartridges along with the larger black waste toner collector. When the toner cartridges are completely used up, they will pop out slightly. To replace a cartridge that has popped out, gently pull on the cartridge until it slides completely out of its designated slot. Then, gently insert a new toner cartridge of matching color into the slot. Do not attempt to push a used toner cartridge back into the slot once it has popped out! This can cause damage to your multifunction printer.

To remove the waste toner collector when full, press in on the green latches that are located on either side of waste toner collector and gently pull up to disengage the collector from the device. You may now insert a new waste toner collector into place.

Paper Trays
Your multifunction printer can be set up with a variety of paper tray configurations. In our training video, the model displayed has a configuration of (2) 550-sheet smart trays set over (2) tandem high-capacity 8.5 x 11-inch paper trays. (However, you could choose from having only (1) 550-sheet tray up to (4) 550-sheet paper trays.)

The 550-sheet trays have green toggles that can be adjusted to fit 11 x 17-inch, 8.5 x 14-inch, or 8.5 x 11-inch paper sizes in either a portrait or landscape orientation. These trays are called “smart trays” because once you adjust the green toggles, the device will auto-detect which paper size you have set the tray to and will print your jobs accordingly.

The high-capacity trays can hold 3 reams each of 8.5 x 11-inch copy paper, so with (2) of these high-capacity paper trays installed, the device would hold up to 6 reams of paper for a total of 2,100 sheets of copy paper altogether between those two trays.

Send and Print
Your multifunction printer has the ability to copy and scan a document at the same time. From the “Home” screen, select the “Copy” function button which will bring you to the expanded copy functions screen. At the top right of this screen, select the “Send and Print” function. On the screen that comes up, choose the desired email address from the address book, then press the “Enter the Address” button to proceed to the copier selections screen. Here, press either the black-and-white or color copy button to complete the process. Your copy will come out in the normal exit tray and the scan will be sent to the email you chose, all in one step.

Card Shot
If your responsibilities include copying or scanning a lot of identification cards such as driver’s licenses or medical insurance cards, etc., then you are going to LOVE the card shot feature!

To use this feature, begin by opening the lid of the copier, place the ID card in the corner at the top left of the platen, and then close the lid, as you would normally do for a scan.

From the “Home” screen, select the “Copy” function button which will bring you to the expanded copy functions screen. On this screen, select “Others” at the bottom left of the screen. This will open a dialog box of additional copy functions displayed in 3 columns. The Card Shot feature is listed on the far right about halfway down the third column.

Once you press the “Card Shot” button, a dialog box opens where you may manually enter the dimensions of the card you are going to copy. (Alternately, you can select the “Adjust to Paper Size” checkbox to allow the device to automatically detect the size of the card to be copied.) Press the “OK” button to accept your set dimensions and exit this screen.

Now, press either the black-and-white or color copy button to copy the first side of the card. Next, lift the lid, flip the card over to copy the other side, placing the card in the exact same position as the first copy. Press either the black-and-white or color copy button again to copy the second side. Finally, press the “Read End” button to complete the process and your completed copy will come out with both sides of the card copied onto a single side of the paper. The added benefit of this feature is that the ID card will be automatically enlarged to fill the page, making it much easier to read.

To scan the identification card instead of copying it, start by selecting the “Email” button on the “Home” screen. On the screen that appears, enter the desired email address either by manually entering with the keyboard or selecting the appropriate recipient from the address book. Once this information is entered, you can use the pullout keyboard to type in a subject line for your email as well as fill in a file name for your scan.

Now, in the bottom left corner of the screen select “Others.” This will open a dialog box of additional scan functions displayed in 3 columns. The Card Shot feature is listed on the far right about halfway down the third column. Press the “Card Shot” button and proceed using the same directions listed above to complete the process.

The only difference here will be that you will press the “Start” button to begin each scan instead of pressing either of the black-and-white or color copy buttons.

Preview Mode
From either the “Copy” or “Email” function screens, you have the option to “Preview” your document. (This button is directly above the black-and-white and color copy buttons or the “start” button, depending on whether you are in the copy or email modes, respectively.)

Selecting “Preview” gives you the ability to see what your document(s) will look like before you complete your job functions. This is especially helpful for high-volume or complex jobs.

The best part about the “Preview” feature is the ability to use the “Erase or Redact” functionality. In this way, you can easily erase or redact sections of your document(s) on the fly directly within the MFP without needing to whiteout or blackout the originals or take the extra step to make an additional copy to redact before completing the actual copy/scan job. Access the “Erase & Redact” feature by clicking on the “paper and pen” edit icon on the bottom left when in the “Preview” feature dialog box.

Email Interface
By selecting the “Email” button on the “Home” screen, you have the option to use the either the onscreen or pullout keyboards to enter an email address manually on the fly, as well as type in a subject line for your email and fill in a file name, whether a client or project name, for your scan jobs.

Easily adjust the scanning resolution for your jobs. Please be aware that increased resolution will result in larger file sizes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
With this feature, users can either convert a scanned document into an editable document in popular Microsoft Office formats, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel formats, or create a variety of PDF formats from the scan.

In terms of PDF formats, scans can be used to create Searchable PDFs, Encrypted PDFs, Compact PDFs, and others.

Start by selecting the “Email” button on the “Home” screen, then choose “File Format” from the list displayed on the far left of the screen. Under the “File Format” dialog box, decide what file format you want your document scanned to—whether PDF, DocX, or other. Next, check the box for OCR and click “OK.” Now enter the email address, subject line, and file name. Finally, place the original to be scanned either on the glass or in the document feeder. Use the preview button or begin scanning by pressing the “Start” button to complete the process. Your file will be sent to you in the format that you determined.

Users also have the option to directly print these same file types from a thumb drive, cloud application, or mobile device. (This functionality is enabled via DirectOfficeTM technology. With this much flexibility, you can speed through your workflow tasks faster than ever!

Additional Features:
Under the “Others” button in either the “Copy” or “Email” modes, there are even more features available for you to use in your workflows, including the following:

  • Book Divide
  • Business Card (for business card scanning)
  • Job Build
  • Multi-crop (for receipt or check scanning)
  • Mixed Size Original (great for legal offices)

Final Notes:

  • Green means “safe to touch”—Anywhere that you see green toggles inside the MFP, you know that those areas are safe for you to handle and adjust without fear of damaging the machine.)
  • Service Sticker—Each MFP from RITE Technology will include on the front of the machine a service sticker which includes the following:
    • QR code (scan with your smartphone or tablet to submit an online service request)
    • Phone number (call to place a service call)
    • Website (visit our website to submit an online service request)
    • Unique Device ID (needed when placing any service call requests)
  • Request Additional Training—If you or anyone on your team would like to request additional training on the MFP at any time, feel free to contact our main office or reach out to your sales representative to schedule.
  • User’s Manual—Need more information? Press the “User’s Manual” button on the “Home” screen of your MFP’s touchscreen display to bring up a QR code that you can scan to download a copy of the complete user’s manual directly onto your smartphone or tablet device.

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