Setting Your Employees Up for Remote Work

As the business world came to a jarring halt over the last few weeks due to COVID19, many businesses moved to a remote workforce, allowing employees to work from home. For some companies, remote work was not an uncomfortable shift, as they’d used it in some form previously. Many others weren’t set up for telecommuting and are still working out the kinks. Here are some tips for setting up your employees to work remotely:

  1. Communicate clearly with your employees and customers. Make sure that your employees know what is expected of them and how they are to hold themselves accountable in their new work setting. If your move to remote work changes things for your customers, be proactive and make sure they hear it from you and aren’t left to discover the changes when they need something.
  2. Train your staff on the tools they’ll need to work remotely. If your employees will be using videoconferencing tools make sure they practice with internal groups before attempting to virtually “meetup” with clients or prospects. If you own Office 365 already you can use Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t used videoconferencing tools and need simple training, internet security best practices. If you have an IT professional on staff, they will create a plan for remote work security. If not, bringing in an IT consultant is a wise move. 
  3. Keep your team together by using videoconferencing and regular check-ins. This is a strange time for many of us, and we need to create a “new normal” so that business can continue, even if it isn’t “as usual.” Getting your team together for a morning kick-off and an afternoon review will bring a sense of teamwork and normalcy.

As frightening as the present moment is, this too shall pass. We may develop a “new normal” for a period of time, but eventually, things will settle. In the meantime, keeping your team together and working will mean that you’re ready for business when it booms again, because it will.

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