Presentations that are “RITE” on target.

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system is a seamless solution for better collaboration, around the room or around the world. Present, create, share and record your ideas in an entirely new, entirely simpler way.

Multi Purpose Applications

  • Video/Web Conferencing

    Use WebEx®, GoToMeeting®, Skype® or any other conferencing application and bring your meetings to life in full scale.

  • Board Room/Classroom Training

    Make sure everyone in the room has a great view with screen sizes up to 80 inches.

  • Get Interactive

    Display interactive maps, flowcharts and video. Perfect for sports teams and production companies. Watch video and make notes on the screen in real time.

  • Make Live Annotations

    Use the included stylus to write directly onto the Digital Whiteboard. Then send your notes right to a connected printer.

Remote Collaboration Tool

Make sure everyone is on the same page with interactive full scale collaboration. Fully compatible with all online web conferencing software.

Interactive Display Systems

Multi-purpose business tool with included Sharp Pen Software. Replace traditional dry-erase boards and flip charts.

Projector Replacement

Ideal for presentation. Command and control all types of data, videos, charts and graphs.

Interactive Signage Display

Utilize the Sharp Whiteboard for wayfinding and other interactive applications. Perfect for engaging people in a waiting area or lobby.

Planning and Workflow Management

Use the Digital Whiteboard to make plans, organize thoughts and layout content.

Spectacular Screen Size

Size matters – Our Digital White Board Products and interactive display products will set you apart and give you the upper hand in getting your message across. With screens up to 80″ (80″ diagonal) Sharp Aquos Boards interactive displays give you spectacular HD clarity to help you bring your presentations to life.

Sharp Pen Software

The intuitive Sharp Pen Software application provides a whole new dimension in interactive control. Using the tip of your finger or touch pen, you can open and close documents, enlarge or shrink images, even make hard-copy printouts. A user-friendly tool bar lets you select a variety of drawing options with a simple tap of an icon. With two fingers, the dual-touch interface lets you easily enlarge, reduce, or rotate an image. Sharp Pen Software is fully compatible with Windows® 7 and can easily import Microsoft Office documents including Power Point presentations

Print directly to a Sharp MFP

Interactive digital presentations don’t have to be difficult — and with your Sharp interactive display system connected to a Sharp Multifunctional Peripheral (MFP), you’ll have the ability to scan documents directly to your Sharp Pen Software™ using the Sharp Network Scanning Tool. After making revisions, adding notes or annotating text and images, you’ll be able to save your updated presentation to a PC or send it directly back to your MFP for printout.