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AV Integrations

Conference Rooms

Whether it be a small meeting space or a large conference room, RITE Technology can guide your company through the process of purchasing and installing a wide range of conference room equipment to make those remote meetings work smoother than you might have thought possible. We carry a wide array of equipment that makes every meeting you have as close to face-to-face as possible. From wireless mics and speaker arrays to digital screens and cameras, we’ve got solutions to meet your needs!


Classroom technology is ever-evolving. RITE Technology offers Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays which can enhance your educational environment by providing the flexibility educators need with the ease-of-use they want. With this product, elevate collaborative learning not only for your educational institution’s current needs but for the classrooms of tomorrow.

Distributed Sound

When you walk into a commercial environment, what you hear has a profound impact on how you feel about being in that place. That’s why well-designed and installed audio solutions are so important to the success of your business.

RITE Technology installs high-quality audio equipment to suit your business or organizational needs. We use only commercial-grade components in our sound integration solutions.


Trust RITE Technology to give your business a boost with professional video integrations that are a dream to manage and deploy. We offer a wide range of commercial-grade displays with business-friendly features packed into elegantly slender frames. Together with cutting-edge PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and sound bars with built-in cameras, end frustrating videoconferencing experiences with video quality that feels in-person.

Digital Signage & Video Walls

Need a digital menu for your restaurant? How about a digital welcome screen to greet visitors to your business? RITE Technology carries a large variety of digital signage options that will meet each individual use case.

RITE Technology is proud to represent BrightSign for our digital signage solutions. With BrightSign and BrightSign Cloud, you can remotely control, from anywhere that you have internet connectivity, what is being displayed on each of the screens throughout your business.

Technology can help you to get your message out. Have a display, but need help managing your content? We offer solutions for digital content management on a monthly contract basis.

Custom Solutions

RITE Technology can create custom solutions to fit a wide range of business or organizational needs. From custom control panels, like the one pictured here, to custom control box setups and more, RITE Technology is your go-to source for all things audio visual!