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Conference Room - Pro A/V


Conference Room Solutions

Whether it be in a small meeting office or a large conference room, RITE Technology can guide your company through the process of purchasing and installing a wide range of conference room equipment to make those remote meetings work smoother than you might have thought possible. We carry a wide array of equipment that make every meeting you have as close to face to face as is possible from wireless mic and speaker arrays to digital screens and cameras.

Remote Meeting

ClickShare by BARCO

RITE Technology is a vendor for BARCO which gives us access to the whole line of ClickShare devices.

Want to sit down with your PC or Mac and immediately have access to all the hardware in your conference room? ClickShare does that.

Want to have multiple people collaborate and share their screens on your projector, digital screen or white board? ClickShare does that

Digital Signage

Whether it be a digital menu for your restaurant or the list of things to do for the company, RITE Technology carries a large variety of digital screens from Sharp and NEC that will meet each individual use case. RITE Technology is proud to represent BrightSign for our digital signage solutions. With BrightSign and BrightSign Cloud, you can control what is being seen on each of your screens from anywhere that you have internet connectivity. Take that next step today and CONTACT US for more information about how RITE Technology can help you to get your message out.

Digital Signage