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Harley Donation to Support The Jillian Fund

  • David Polimeni on Harley

Doing our part to support families

Join us June 15th at the Jillian Fund Gala to support parents with children facing serious, life threatening illness. 

Our CEO, David Polimeni, was shocked when his name was drawn for The Jillian Fund annual Harley Davidson raffle sponsored by Clover Imaging. A few days later David knew inside that this was to be a gift to keep on giving. The Jillian Fund holds a special place in his heart because of experiencing the trauma of dealing with his own child (also named David) nearly 20 years ago in the hospital fighting pneumonia for 5 days. David's son described the experience this way:

David Jr in the hospital

One day when I was about 2 my mom called my dad to tell him I was not breathing right I had a cold, but it seemed to be getting worse. So my dad came to the house to take me to the doctor's office, my mom stayed home with my older sister and baby brother. 
David Jr HospitalMy mom couldn't believe the next phone call she got. It was my dad who was almost in tears as he told her he was driving to the hospital with me! I had pneumonia and was going to he admitted for the night. I ended up being in the hospital for five days straight. My parents said it was a very hard week, but one of them never left my side. I had a lot of visitors and gifts brought to me while I was there! My parents were sure happy when I was released to go home!!

That feeling of helplessness is not one easily forgotten and one that families face every day. That memory made it easy for David to decide to donate the Harley back to the Jillian Fund to be auctioned off at this year’s Gala June 15th. David thought “The idea of parents facing circumstances of such magnitude while also being impacted by unexpected costs or loss of income while caring for their child in crisis is an initiative worthy of attending to and investing in”.

Please consider joining RITE Technology at this year’s Gala and be sure to bring your heart of generosity and help us support more families in need!

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