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Facing Your Business Security Risks

The greatest security risk for most businesses is human error. Now that so much of our workforce has been forced to work remotely, malicious attacks have ramped up, and there is greater danger that one of your employees may fall into a malicious online trap. Alert your employees to look out for the following:

Baiting: Online ads that lure the user to malicious websites and prompts them to download files.

Scareware: Pop up banners warning that your computer is infected prompting you to click on a link.

Phishing: Email scams creating fear and a sense of urgency to provide information.

These tactics are used to install malware into your network, often requesting a ransom. In phishing emails, look out for bad grammar, typos, and incorrect spacing. Most importantly, look carefully at the sending address; often these emails are disguised to look as if they come from a trusted source.

Copiers Can Be a Key Entry Point for Data Breaches

The copier industry has made great strides in tightening up security, but human behavior can leave your network vulnerable. To protect yourself, change passwords regularly and when an employee leaves. Use data encryption for your system's hard drive. Close unused network ports on your copier, ensure that wireless LANs are protected from hackers, and take steps to wipe your hard drive clean when upgrading your copier.

How Sharp Security Helps Protect You

Sharp copiers come armed with leading-edge security features, and they go through strident vulnerability testing over several months by a third-party security firm. Sharp machines come with HDD data overwrite, firmware attack prevention and recovery, application whitelisting, and 256-bit data encryption. In addition, Sharp's security solution uses automation to identify threats around the clock, stopping attacks before they infect your network.

A Plan to Protect Your Business

Regarding your copiers, there are steps you can take in addition to the manufacturer's built-in security:
  • Make sure that your web interface has a long, secure password and change it regularly.
  • Enable HTTPS (SSL or TLS) encryption for the interface
  • Your copier and printer operating systems have a network firewall. Make sure it's enabled and only allow access to your most trusted team members.
To protect your business, you must train your employees to be able to recognize potential security breaches. Have a security checklist that is reviewed quarterly. Stay abreast of new trends in hacking and regularly update your team. Read security blogs, listen to security podcasts, and create a security checkup regimen that is built into your yearly plans. No business can by 100 percent free from security threats, but partnering with a good technology partner, having the most secure equipment possible, and training your employees to be ever vigilant will go a lot way to protecting your company. If you want to discuss copier security or Sharp's Security Solution, please reach out.   Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash