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Don't Miss a Step with Our Lease-End Reminder Program

Managing the administrative details of a business can be overwhelming, and, if not tracked properly, costly. Missing a deadline with a lease or contract can cause financial ramifications.

In our industry, the vast majority of clients lease their copiers and other office technology, with leases running anywhere from 2 to 5 years on average. Five years can result in a lot of transformations in a business, including staffing changes that impact who has the responsibility of tracking copier end-of-lease requirements.

What Happens If I Miss a Step?

Missing a step may range from a simple 1-month auto-renewal, or in the worse case, 12-month auto-renewal, leaving you with your aging technology yet making the same monthly payment as when it was new.

Lease-End Reminder Program

We work with leases on a daily basis, making us both knowledgeable and capable of tracking all aspects of your lease. We can make sure you don't miss one of the lease-end steps, including your letter of intent, the return of the machine(s), and any other steps unique to your lease. If you sign up for our Lease-End Reminder Program, we'll track and assist you with all requirements. They may include:

  • Sending a Letter of Intent within the required window
  • Understanding your buyout amount at the end of the lease
  • Getting return instructions from your lender
  • Ensuring your hard drive is wiped clean of your information
  • Packaging and returning the machine (generally requires a loading dock)