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COVID19 Lease Relief Program

When the COVID19 virus initially hit the US, many businesses shifted their workforce to primarily remote work. The early weeks were frustrating as many of us had to adjust to working from home for the first time. Over time, most of us adjusted to this “new normal,” and eventually got on with business as best we could. Now, as we shift past the middle of the pandemic and start planning to return to something more akin to what was once “just normal,” there is still a great degree of uncertainty in the air. We may be able to ease some of that uncertainty, at least around your copiers and printers.

We have worked with our leasing partners to create  C-19 Lease Relief Program. This program eliminates the first 3 months of payments on a new equipment lease, affording your business some respite from your leasing bill over the next few months.

To set up a virtual appointment to discuss the C-19 Lease Relief Program, please fill out the form below or simply simply email us:






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