Community Partners

RITE Technology supports our Community

RITE Technology is proud to be able to support the following organizations in our community. For more information about any of the organizations listed below, feel free to click the links below.

City Commit

Transforming our communities through greater men, marriages and leaders.

CityCommit was started by a small group of men that had a deep desire to improve their own manhood, marriages and growth in leadership and wanted to help other men who had the same desire. Although men have been our primary focus, we are now reaching out to and impacting women through the marriage initiative and through our leadership initiative.


Everyone needs a group of trusted friends who will support them, challenge them to grow, and have their back when times get tough. But finding a devoted group of friends can be difficult.

Family First

Helping Families Love Well

We are an organization that’s on a mission to provide parenting, marriage and relational truth that helps people love their family well and gives them greater hope for the future.

All Pro Dad is a program for fathers that helps you love and lead your family well.

iMOM exists to inspire moms to love their families well and to give them help and hope on the daily.

Gulfside Healthcare Services


Hospice is a philosophy of care provided to patients with life-limiting illnesses and their families, wherever they call home. The experienced team at Gulfside Hospice provides the very best care to our patients, offering peace and comfort alongside quality medical care, and emotional support to help the entire family through this journey.

Teen Court of Sarasota

Teen Court of Sarasota, Inc. provides students ages 8-18 with educational youth development activities that are designed to meet the specific needs of at-risk youth and student volunteers. In an attempt to make the community safer by reducing juvenile delinquency, all youthful participants become engaged in activities tailored to confront the many challenges facing youth in Sarasota County. The philosophical framework of our services is to offer educational classes and intervention services that unquestionably transform the lives of young people. By providing young people with ways they can make positive change in both their community and in their own lives, they become active participants in finding solutions for problems that impact their community.

RITE Technology supports Education

RITE Technology is a strong believer in resourcing our educators with the best tools available to elevate the learning experience for all students. We have had the privilege and high honor to be selected to support the technology infrastructure of these exceptional organizations. Together we are bringing top level technology into the classroom supporting both the educators and the students in their pursuit of excellence in education.

All Saints Academy

At All Saints Academy, our #1 goal is to prepare your student to succeed in tomorrow’s world. We pursue that vision through rigorous college preparation in a Preschool – 12th environment. Exemplifying Judeo-Christian values within an Episcopal tradition, we welcome students of all racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. ASA is conveniently located between Lakeland and Winter Haven.

All Saints Academy exemplifies Judeo-Christian values within an Episcopal tradition. We welcome students of all racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds striving to maximize each student’s unique potential by instilling a sense of worth that comes with purpose, direction, commitment, and success.

Carrollwood Day School

The mission of Carrollwood Day School is to create entrepreneurial thinkers for a global society. We provide strong character-based education emphasizing problem-solving skills and philanthropic understanding. Our students are prepared to be world leaders using the International Baccalaureate Programmes, cutting-edge technology, creative arts, and competitive athletics. Most importantly, CDS fosters the development of the entire student not only in academics, but also ethically, emotionally, and through social experience. Our goal is to help students discover and develop their own talents and interests and use these to better the world and themselves.

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS has highly acclaimed teachers, always learning and studying so they can make learning magical, interesting, important, and relevant. The school fosters this love for learning through a staff who supports what the teachers do in using a strong knowledge and research base, seeking to implement best practices in education all at once. We study, implement, refine, and begin the cycle over again utilizing a continuous refinement process model.

Sarasota Suncoast Academy

The mission of Sarasota Suncoast Academy is to integrate excellence in education, highly motivated and qualified teachers, deeply concerned and involved parents and a supportive community; which will provide students a superior learning opportunity while developing and reinforcing a strong value system and a healthy work ethic that affords children the tools needed to succeed and contribute in the 21st century.

RITE Technology was proud to sponsor the Digital Signage on the Sports field.

Manatee Education Foundation

Our Mission at Manatee Education Foundation is to provide funding for innovative programs and enhanced educational opportunities for the teachers and students of Manatee County Public Schools beyond allocated state dollars.

RITE Technology supports Law Enforcement

RITE Technology is a strong believer in supporting our local law enforcement agencies who strive to protect and serve our community every day. We are proud sponsors of the following law enforcement organizations.

Florida Sheriff’s Association

Since 1893, the Florida Sheriffs Association has been the voice of Florida’s sheriffs, 418 men and women united in the service of protecting Florida’s citizens and visitors. We are committed to fostering the effectiveness of the Office of Sheriff through leadership, innovative practices, legislative initiatives, education and training.