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Executive Team

At RITE, we live by certain values: Accountable| Inspiring | Trustworthy | Teamwork | Humility.

How do we incorporate these values into our customer and team members’ experiences? 

Collaborative leadership. We invest time into building relationships. Both Customer and Team Member relationships are grown and fostered over time, sometimes years! Internally, we do not always align with one another. But, we work through differences in a constructive manner, careful to find a solution that provides the collaborative buy-in that leads to success. Externally, our customers rank us exceptionally high in customer service. Why is that you say? Instead of acting as autocratic leaders, we listen to their desires and access real time needs. This listening and learning allows solutions to develop affording RITE and our clients a seamless delivery of very technical products

Lastly, our collaboration allows for equality, nurturing and education. RITE Technology is a company where every voice matters!

Chip Turner
VP of Operations
Wayne Parrish
Sales Director