Client Success Specialist

Client Success Specialist

Theme: The Client Success team is an administrative customer service team that plays a crucial role in supporting both internal team members and clients by obtaining financial documents, liaising with the leasing partners, processing all new sales and being the clients point of contact. Client Success provides comprehensive support to our clients by having the knowledge and ability to help them with any questions they may have, walking them through installation and billing processes and maintaining relationships with all clients by regular check-ins. We ensure our clients are successful by managing their account details and upgrading equipment leases to the latest and greatest technology. 

Primary Responsibilities:

Sales Processing:

  • Review all legal and financial needs for each sale, process within SalesChain and eAutomate.
  • Obtain financial documents necessary for completed sale.
  • Liaison between sales reps and clients to the leasing company partners.
  • Contact clients for deliveries and order processing related communications.
  • Accurately process Lease Returns with the Operations Manager.

Contract Management:

  • Process all new service contracts internally for new deals.
  • Process ITT contracts and provide necessary ITT dealer documentation.
  • Assess Contract Profitability reports.


  • Generate all new sales invoices.
  • Manage lease billing to ensure accuracy of the service contract and equipment lease.
  • Submit financial documents to leasing companies for funding sales.
  • Assist clients with any billing questions and/or issues.

Customer Account Management:

  • Daily calls to cultivate and manage client relationships.
  • Follow up calls to clients on services provided.
  • Update customer information and contacts in eAutomate and SalesChain.
  • Manage the lease desk to keep track of upgrade opportunities.
  • Maintain relationships with clients to continue to upgrade the account when leases expire.
  • Create opportunity packages for current client upgrades to the latest technology.
  • Draft Proposals and documentation for client upgrades.
  • Always offering and introducing the latest technology products and services to current clients.
  • Complete Quarterly Business Reviews.

Support and back up to Service and Supply orders:

  • Use current DCA to obtain supplies needed for clients.
  • Manage the consumption for proper replenishment.
  • Create sales orders in eAutomate as needed.
  • Assist clients with ETA.

RITE Technology Employee Elevation:

  • Monthly development and progress tracking meetings with Career coach.
  • “AGK” – Always Gaining Knowledge and staying current with advancing technologies.
  • Monitor progress or personal and departmental growth for current position and position wanting to attain.