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CASE STUDY: Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

CASE STUDY: Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Case Study

The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

The Challenge:

The customer’s challenges before implementing the audio/visual solutions provided by RITE Technology:

Outdated Technology

Consisting of a single outdated ceiling-mounted projector and screen on one wall and a 55” display screen on the opposite wall which was woefully undersized for the scale of the room, the Chamber’s previous solution definitely did not meet their conferencing needs.

Difficult to Use

The Chamber’s previous solution required frequent intervention by a member of their staff just to make the technology work. Because many times meeting participants were relying on the camera on the laptop of whomever was hosting the meeting (be it through Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.), it was difficult, if not impossible, to maintain consistency in image quality and connectivity, resulting in reduced efficiency and productivity.

Broken Equipment

Before reaching out to RITE Technology, the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s existing conference room solution consisted of a hodge-podge of various hardware and software components being used to project an image onto a screen. Some of these components were either functioning very poorly or not at all.

Our Solution:

How the audio/visual solutions provided by RITE Technology helped the Chamber to reach their specific goals:

Cutting-edge Technology

As an initial step in the project, RITE Technology came in and removed all the existing outdated hardware and software components from the spaces.

We then installed commercial-grade 98” matching displays on opposing walls in the conference room, ensuring that no matter where a meeting participant is sitting around the table, they will have a clear line of sight to the brilliantly stunning high-resolution images being displayed onscreen.

Additionally, a production-quality PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) wall-mounted remote-controlled camera was installed to provide crystal clear viewpoints of meeting participants. No more fuzzy images!

A wall-mounted speakerphone solution for whole-room coverage was added which allows online and in-person meeting participants to easily communicate with crystal-clear sound quality, even when multiple people are speaking at the same time.

Also installed was a conferencing solution for allowing in-person participants to cast to displays and access camera and speakerphone from any computer or mobile device.

A tablet-based custom-configured wireless control system installed on a hardwired wall-mounted charging base is easily dismounted for portability around the room. This control system allows for full control of the displays and camera and includes custom-configured camera presets, to enhance ease-of-use for the meeting host.

Easy to Use

The Chamber now has a small button device that sits on their conference table which can easily be plugged into any BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) computer or mobile device, giving quick and complete access to all the conference room components, including the in-room camera, in-room displays, and the in-room speakerphone.

At this point, the Chamber can hold professional quality remote meetings with the touch of button. The entire solution can be controlled via the control system through the tablet, which is stored magnetically mounted to the hardwired charging base installed on the wall.

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