Pass the Baton!

Pass the Baton!

(Submitted by Natasha McDowell)


At RITE Technology, these are truly words that we live by, so much so that we’ve created a series of batons, each imprinted with one of these guiding principles.

Each month, as an integral part of our company culture, our employees participate in the “passing of the batons” by nominating another team member whom they’ve deemed has best demonstrated the guiding principle in the past month.

For instance, for the month of May one employee nominated another for the Humility baton with the following words, “This month’s Humility baton is going to a person who is quiet, unassuming, and good at what he does. He is always there when you need him….”

Because these nominations are completely up to each employee who is passing their baton on, there is a genuine sense of support and camaraderie built up among team members.

No matter who is bestowed the batons each month, we are all winners because we work for a company that is committed to encouraging and supporting the people who work here!

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