The “Modern Office” Solutions to Enhance Your Team’s Workflows

The “Modern Office” Solutions to Enhance Your Team’s Workflows

(Submitted by Natasha McDowell)

Is your outdated office technology slowing down job processes and causing your staff undue strife in completing their daily job functions? You need office technology solutions that can streamline and smooth your workflows for optimal performance. From creation to finish, products and services offered by RITE Technology will allow you to transform your workplace into a “modern office” where you can easily and efficiently create, scan, annotate, print, copy, email, and web conference to share information quickly across various channels. Here at RITE Technology, we’ve done this for multiple businesses and organizations in Southwest Florida over the past 33 years. Here are a few ways our solutions can benefit you:

  1. Advanced Scanning Technology.
    Why waste time scanning documents one side at a time? With our innovative Sharp Advanced Series multifunction color printers, you can scan both sides of a document at the same time, improving efficiency and allowing you to spend your time on other more vital job responsibilities. Equipped with a 300-sheet duplexing single pass feeder (DSPF) capable of scan speeds up to 280 images per minute, you will heighten your productivity by claiming back valuable hours in your workday.
  2. Interactive Annotation.
    Enjoy the flexibility to collaborate in today’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment with Sharp’s award-winning AQUOS BOARD Interactive Whiteboards. With it’s seamless integration and ease of connectivity with other technologies, quickly connect your laptop, tablet, or other device to simultaneously share content with in-person and online participants. Enjoy a pen-on-paper experience as you quickly add notations on the fly to increase meeting productivity. Then, use the intuitive user interface to save those annotations and share them out to your team during the meeting or at a later time.
  3. Web Conferencing Solutions.
    Do you struggle with unreliable meeting equipment that is often difficult or impossible for your team to use without technical support from the IT department? Our team can evaluate your needs and guide you through the process of selecting the best web conferencing options to meet your goals. Whether through interactive whiteboards or other commercial-grade professional displays paired with the latest audio-visual products, our solutions will allow you to quickly and easily hold remote meetings that work smoother than you might have ever thought within your reach. Our technology makes every meeting feel as close to face-to-face as possible.
  4. Print Cloud Connectivity and Security.
    The new series of Advanced and Essentials Sharp multifunction printers support enhanced connectivity with popular cloud services, such as Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and SharePoint Online, allowing you to print and share documents easily and securely in the cloud to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues even when they are working remotely. Additionally, when it comes to print security, leading security technology including BIOS Integrity Check, Application Whitelisting, TLS 1.3 Encryption, and optional Bitdefender Antivirus features available on the Advanced Series MFPs will help your organization protect your data and meet regulatory requirements in your work environment.
  5. Smarter Design.
    Updated for a modern aesthetic, the new Advanced and Essentials series MFPs blend well in all office environments, featuring soft-close drawers for less noise and solid state drives to process your jobs faster than ever before all while running silent. Not only do these updated devices look and work better, but they are designed to be environmentally friendly, meeting new Energy Star 3.0, EPEAT gold, Blue Angel, and RoHs standards. To learn more about Sharp’s commitment to the enviroment, please visit: Sharp & the Environment.

Hopefully this information was beneficial in helping you to better understand how solutions from RITE Technology will enhance your business. If you have any questions about this or any other information related to your copier or printer, please feel free to give us a call at 941-955-2737 or contact our sales department via email at We look forward to serving you and your business needs.

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What are the benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)?

What are the benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)?

(Submitted by Chip Turner) When faced with the task of installing, maintaining, and obtaining supplies for a fleet of printers, it is no surprise that organizations seek help from experts in the field. Benefits of MPS
  1. Security:

    Protecting your printers from outside cyberattacks is crucial. Incidents involving security breaches on unsecured endpoints (printers) is on the rise. Professional MPS services can help.

  3. Reduced Staff Burden:
    1. IT Department:

      Often the burdensome task of installing, maintaining, and obtaining supplies for a fleet of printers is thrust upon a company’s expensive IT professionals. With Managed Print Services, your IT team can focus on more pressing business issues and allow for a team of MPS experts to handle the printer fleet.

    2. Accounting Department:

      Does your accounting department get invoices from printer service companies and toner providers? Are employees making proper purchasing decisions? Is your pricing consistent? Are your employees taking the time to research the proper cartridge? Have they ever incorrectly ordered the wrong one? Often an accounting department will receive literally hundreds of invoices annually from toner purchases and for service calls. This can result in a heavy administrative cost to get all these invoices paid in a timely manner. Imagine that, instead of receiving separate invoices for all those smaller transactions coming through a variety of vendors, you only receive one bill a month or a quarter from one vendor. How helpful would that be to save time and money for your business?

  4. Device Optimization and Standardization:

    An MPS expert can make educated recommendations based on user applications, device volume, and costs of operation. In addition, they may make recommendations on centralizing or decentralizing printer locations based on customer need and costs.

  6. Automated Supply Fulfillment:

    Have you ever had a toner empty message come on the machine only to realize that no one ordered toner after the last cartridge was installed? Well, worry no more! As a provider of Managed Print Services, we employ a remote monitoring application which alerts us when toner is low so that toner can be shipped out to you right away. The labeling on the toner includes the ID number of the machine as well as the location of the machine so that the toner can be routed to the appropriate location.

  8. Automated Meter Collection:

    Have you ever gotten that pesky call asking for a meter reading for your printer? Have you ever had someone walk you through the multiple steps needed to obtain a meter reading? With a properly managed MPS program, meter collection is automated through the same remote monitoring application used for automated supply fulfillment.

  10. Cost Control:

    Not only will an MPS expert identify the most cost-efficient printers to select, but they can also recommend software to ensure that print jobs are routed to the most cost-efficient method. Also, you can put controls in place to allow certain individuals to print in color while others can be excluded based on their job role.

  12. All Inclusive Service:

    All parts, labor, and supplies (excluding paper and staples) are typically included in an MPS agreement. If you have an issue, then a simple phone call, email, or web call submittal will be responded to quickly by our customer support and/or service teams.

  14. Improved response times:

    A typical response time for a customer without an MPS agreement can range anywhere from 8-16 hours. However, with an MPS agreement, that response time can be reduced significantly. In fact, a typical customer with an MPS agreement will get an average response time of under 4 hours from the time they place their call until the time a technician arrives at your door.

  16. Simplified Billing and Reporting:

    With a professional MPS program, you can combine printer billing with your copier billing all in one invoice. Also, you can have access to reporting of volumes by device, which can be useful for planning purposes in your business.

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