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6 Questions: Managed Print Solution Is Right For Your Business?

6 Questions To Help You Decide If A Managed Print Solution Is Right For Your Business

Often overlooked, print expenses can overwhelm business owners. Find out if managed print services can help your bottom line. 

No matter what your industry, businesses are starting to understand the value of a well structured Managed Print Solutions. Considering that print costs can be one of the most overlooked expenses for any business, more and more business owners are turning to Managed Print Services to track, manage and control their overall print expenses. Managed Print Services (MPS) is a comprehensive approach to document management, document workflow,print cost control, document sharing, and equipment maintenance. You spend time managing IT infrastructure, communication tools, computer networks and  more but businesses often overlook cost and time losses associated with poorly managed print environments. Your print infrastructure is just as important as any other part of your business and a Managed Print Solution can help enhance productivity, decrease waste, increase security and so much more. That being said, here are 6 questions that will help you decide if a Managed Print Service is right for your business. 

  1. Will a Managed Print Solutions offer a quantifiable return on investment? First you have to ask whether you have any idea about your current print environment. What is the total cost of your printer ownership, cost per print, page fill percentage and on and on. A Managed Print Solution will allow you to understand your entire print eco-system and not only control cost but increase overall efficiency. Companies can save more than 30% on their entire print expenses with a properly implemented Managed Print Solution.
  2. Is your current print environment benefiting your bottom line? Are your current printers delivering everything you need? How did you decide the type, model and functionality of the current printers in your office place? Do you have a number of different machines handling different jobs like scanning, printing and copying? All of these are important factors in deciding if your business could benefit from a managed print service. Understanding your entire document workflow is a big part of controlling your print expenses. If you are not sure that your current print environment is helping or hurting your bottom line you should consider a fully managed print service.
  3. Does your current technology meet the needs of your business? Has your business grown over the last few years but your printing capabilities stayed the same? If your current print technology is not able to keep up with the volume, increase in user load and number of users this could be a huge bottleneck for productivity. With the current downturn in the economy you might need to hold on to your printers for longer than you might in better times. MPS might be able to help you reduce your overall print cost by combining software, hardware, maintenance and service in one simple package. Eliminate inefficiencies, increase productivity, streamline document workflows and speed up access to critical documents with a Managed Print Solution.
  4. Does your current print environment fit with your overall company goals? A properly implemented MPS can not only reduce print cost, but it can also help you create sustainable business practices and decrease your impact on the environment. By consolidating and minimizing the number of output devices you not only increase productivity but cut down on power usage, decrease waste and reduce the amount of electrical components that end up in landfills. How does a Managed Print Service do all of this? MPS can strategically manage the ratio of output devices according to your employee population which can reduce energy usage. Eliminating unnecessary output may help save a significant amount of fresh water and trees via the reduction in the paper and pulp manufacturing process.
  5. Has printer speed or downtime ever slowed down production? If you are overlooking the cost of printing then the time spent printing is probably not even on your radar. Have you ever had a loss of production or productivity that can be attributed to faulty equipment or simple service problems? If you are unable to print, scan or otherwise manage your important documents, your entire company could suffer. Different employees often have different document workflows which might not be optimal for reducing total print costs. Implementing Six Sigma or other proven methodologies could help you realize a 30% savings on your overall document costs by eliminating errors and unnecessary steps in the document management workflow. A Managed Print Solution can give you the tools to monitor all devices and help you implement proactive management strategies to decrease unnecessary downtime.
  6. Would you rather focus on running your business or managing your printers? You have enough stuff to worry about in the day to day operation of your business to be worried about printers and print efficiency. By selecting an effective MPS partner you can remove one more headache from your operational to-do list and focus on running your business and doing what you do best. MPS can give you the tools to empower your staff to understand and modify their print behavior to reinforce your companies bottom line. By making them aware of the problem you can also make them part of the solution.
There is nothing new about managed print services but it is a tried and true method of reducing your overall print expenses in a relatively short amount of time. Maximize your short term cost savings while positioning your company for future growth. Contact us today for your complimentary print audit and find out if a managed print solution is the right fit for your business.