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6 Common Excuses Companies Give For Paying Too Much To Print

No one likes to over pay for print needs so why keep making excuses to do so?

Many businesses are spending way too much money on their overall print costs and it is rarely done on purpose. Think about it, why would anyone pay more than they have to for something they use every day? Unfortunately many businesses are too busy or not aware of the savings potential and some of them down right defend their right to pay too much for toner, print cost and document management in general. That being said, here are the top 6 objections on why people want to keep overpaying for their print needs and why they carry no weight.

"We already have a lease and service agreement"

90% of our potential clients already have a printer lease or service agreement in place. We know you are not sitting around waiting for us to come sell you printers and toner. We do however save people money and time all the time by upgrading their equipment early, reduce their monthly print expenses and explore any other potential savings. Our print assessment is totally free and you might be pleasantly surprised with what we find.

"We buy all of our toner online"

There are a million places you can buy your toner online. We know this all too well. What you can't buy online is a company to stand behind those products. All Rite Technology toner is 100% guaranteed and if it ever lets you down we have the service technicians around to make things right. Not to mention you might qualify for one of our managed print solutions which would eliminate the need to by toner all together. We have had great success in helping companies large and small bundle their toner, service and sometimes a new printer for the same cost as your online toner and sometimes it can even be less expensive to buy your toner like this.

"We are happy with our current print services vendor"

Like I said before, we know you are not sitting around waiting for a Rite Technology sales rep to knock on your door and sell you some toner. What we do know is that complacency can take over in any long term relationship and the luster of your initial value position might be fading away over the years. Even if you are happy with your current vendor relationship you should take the time to go through our needs analysis in order to make sure your current vendor is not asleep at the switch.

"We don't need a large copier and they are too expensive anyway"

This is another misconception among business owners. This is not to say that copiers are not expensive but a fully managed print solution or document management strategy can provide value while reducing your overall print expenses. Sharp's Frontier Series allows for a robust copy, print, and scan solution with an overall cost of ownership that is significantly less than traditional copiers.

"We own our copier and don't plan on making changes anytime soon"

As equipment ages and technology advances it can become more costly to maintain old owned copy equipment. When you roll in service, supplies and other misc print expenses owning your printer might be costing you more than you think. Our print assessment will take your total cost of print ownership in to account and show you how you can upgrade your technology, reduce waste and increase efficiency in your overall print environment.

"We are currently under contract!"

This can be difficult considering the way some leases and contracts are written. There could be penalties associated with breaking your lease early. At Rite Technology we understand this and have come up with a lease forgiveness program that can help customers satisfy their current obligation while reducing their overall print cost as well as upgrading their existing copy equipment. So what are you waiting for? No more excuses for paying too much for your print needs. We have been helping businesses save on their print costs for over 20 years and we know we can help you.