5 Simple (and Free) Ways To Reduce Your Print Expenses

No need to break the bank to reduce your print expenses. Follow these 5 simple steps to reduce print cost and start saving today.

Print cost can make up a substantial part of any budget. Whether you are printing at home or at work managing your print cost can help dramatically reduce your over all print expenses. Here are a few simple things you can do to help significantly reduce your print expenses.

Use Compatible or Remanufactured Printer Cartridges

Instead of buying direct from the manufacturer or your local office supply store you can take advantage of a remanufactured printer cartridge. With Rite Technology’s remanufactured print cartridges you can match the print quality and volume for a fraction of the cost of a original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge. You could use a kit to refill your toner yourself but the cost of ruining your machine could easily outweigh the savings. Make sure that the replacement cartridges that you do use come with a guarantee to clean repair or replace any damage that they might cause to any print equipment.

Print on Both Sides of the Paper

Paper is a large part of your total print cost. Most modern copiers and printers have an automatic duplex mode that will allow you to easily print on both sides of the paper in a single pass. If your printer does not have a automatic duplexing setting then you can do this manually by flipping the paper after the first side is printed. It’s pretty basic math at this point. Print on both sides of the paper and you use half of the paper you would typically use.

Use the Draft Mode or Eco Mode

Most printers let you select from a number of print quality settings. The draft, or economy (eco) mode, allows you to print documents using less ink than a higher print quality setting might use. You will see a small decrease in print quality but this is something that could be used for internal memos, printing emails and other non-essential print jobs. You can change this setting in the Properties section of your print settings window. Some printers even have a button right on the control panel to toggle this function on/off.

Paperless or Less Paper

Many companies talk about going paperless but few actually do. Somethings just have to be printed out but many times it is just as easy and considerably less expensive to leave them in a digital format. Using a complete document management solution can help you eliminate faxes by sending them to your email and signing documents digitaly can reduce the overall number of copies needed for a number of applications.

Picking The Right Printer for The Job

Understanding your total print volume and needs can help you pick the right type of printer. Inkjet printers are less expensive up front but have lower print yields and typically cost more per page than a comprable laser printer. inkjet printers are great for home offices and low volume printing. Laser Printers are more expensive to buy outright but dramatically reduce your overall cost per page. Additionally a managed print solution can offset the cost of buying your own printers.

These are just a few ways you can reduce your overall print expenses. To fully realize your cost savings you should consider a complete document management solution. Rite Technology can help you understand and manage your print expenses with our complimentary print audit.

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