Director of Integration

Job Description


Director of Integration will take lead on all product lines outside of copy/print. (ie. A/V projects, Square9, and newly launched product lines) Director will directly manage all A/V staff, and cohesively work with the Installation department to provide pre- and post-sales support on Audio Visual (AV) systems, design, programming, and delivery/install. They will effectively communicate with internal and external customers, manufacturers (or their Representative) in order to ensure a superior final product.


  • Develop positive customer relationships and seek ways to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Perform needs analysis with customers to determine solution to suit their needs
  • Proactively capture new business opportunities for all RITE Lines of Business.
  • Maintain a high level of expertise in current and future technology. Attend manufacture training as needed. Work on obtaining all AV certifications including, but not limited to CTS & CTS-D.
  • Maintain a high level of expertise in Square 9 in order to assist the sales team with sales integration.
  • As new product lines are developed, actively work with Senior Management to properly implement and train the RITE team, or provide connections to the proper training channels.
  • Design and design support on AV systems
  • Educate Sales Team and customers on current best practices and technology solutions that are appropriate for their needs (inclusive of supply chain constraints, when applicable)
  • Develop technical guidelines for the customer and work with the rest of the RITE team to implement standards
  • Interpret consultant-designed RFPs, specifications, and drawings to develop equipment and labor estimates
  • Provide operational technical support on AV systems including system delivery/install and post-installation service support as necessary
  • Provide details and drawings used for fabrication and installation of AV systems
  • Create and review details and drawings used for fabrication and installation of AV systems
  • Must be able to provide economically feasible systems design and propose suitable and reliable products for use on projects
  • Deliver initial and ongoing training for Sales staff
  • Partner with Sales Managers to develop delivery of standard packages for Sales Executives
  • Promote a team environment
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Possess excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks in a high-volume environment
  • Exhibit well-developed communication skills; is clear, concise, helpful, and persuasive. Participate in Estimations meetings, including weekly AV coordination meetings
  • Must be responsible, self-motivated, self-starter, personable and well-organized
  • Portray a polished, professional image according to the guidelines in the Employee and ensure the AV Team adheres to the same standards.
  • Experience designing, implementing, and supporting AV projects spanning wide areas for all size enterprises
  • Must be able to read and effectively interpret general business documentation, technical specifications, and drawings
  • Demonstrated ability to take ownership of a customer relationship and standards and guide others in maintaining that relationship
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and implement the successful completion of a project by a specific due date
  • Must be able to learn and work within team-established design guides and best practices and apply them to new situations not otherwise addressed by the guidelines
  • Thorough understanding for designing all aspects of an integrated AV system
  • Ability to identify a problem and systematically work through a system for troubleshooting
  • Expertise in designing task specific IP networks and ability to work in owner-furnished and maintained IP networks
  • Ability to train and mentor coworkers and customers on technologies and operational procedures of technical equipment


  • Expertise and/or a solid understanding multiple AV disciplines
    • Control – Crestron, QSYS, Aurora, Kramer and others as necessary
    • Delivery – IP Audio & Video Distribution Methods
      • Biamp, and Shure audio DSP
    • Product Selections (recommend establishment/maintenance of Reseller Agreements)
  • Expertise and/or a solid understanding Square 9
  • Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, and Sharepoint.



  • Avixa CTS & CTS-D,
  • Crestron (MTA/MCP)
  • QSYS (Level 1&2)
  • Aurora (All Levels as they deploy cetification)
  • Audinate (Level 3)
  • Kramer (Pro A/V Sales Engineer)
  • Square 9 Product Specification
  • Other professional skills as necessary

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